Lumpinee Boxing Stadium is where the most iconic Muay Thai stars are born.

Only Fight is the OFFICIAL promoter of the Lumpinee Pitaktham Muay Thai Championship at the Lumpinee Boxing Stadium. Enjoy watching real Muay Thai fighters fight for their future in Thailand’s most fierce and cut-throat boxing scene.

The Lumpinee Boxing Stadium hosts the Lumpinee Pitaktham Championship with Free drinks and beer for 1,890-Baht ring-side and 1,390-Baht stadium-seat ticket holders.

The title of Lumpinee’s Pitaktham Champion is highly regarded as an esteemed belt that Muay Thai fighters in Thailand aim to win.

Lumpinee Boxing Stadium stadium moved to its new home on Ram Intra Road which can hold up to 5,000 spectators. The new stadium held the first fight on 11 February 2014. Lumpinee is run by the Royal Thai Army and has become the symbol of modern Muay Thai. 

As Scott Mallon eloquently puts it, “.. Much like the Roman Colosseum, Bangkok’s Lumpinee Stadium is filled with the spirits of gloved warriors who fought for fame and fortune prowl the dimly lit arena with authority day in and day out. Simply fighting in Lumpinee is an honor in itself.

Some of the many name fighters who have fought in Lumpini Stadium:

In Boxing: Khaosai Galaxy, Muangchai Kitticasem, Sot Chitlada, Pone Kingpetch, Pongsaklek Wonjongkam, Samart Payakarun, Netrnoi Sor Vorasingh, Hussein Hussein, Pascual Perez

In Muay Thai: Deisel Noi Chorthanasukarn, Pud Pad Noy, Nong Toom (AKA Beautiful Boxer), Sakmongkol, Anuwat Keawsamrit, Chokdee Por Pramook, Buakaw Por Pramook, Peter Smit, Michael Liewafat, Ramon Dekker, Rob, Kaman and Ivan Hippolyte.

Lumpinee Boxing

Air Conditioned Stadium

Take a break from the hot Bangkok sun and enjoy Muay Thai fights in a cool setting.

Free Flow Beer and Soft Drinks

Our Muay Thai events at Lumpinee offer free flow of beer and soft drinks.

Easy Access

Lumpinee is located on one of Bangkok’s main roads with access to the Sky Train and abundant parking.

Clean and New

The new Lumpinee is spacious with new facilities, good lighting and sound systems.

DJ Music

On most nights, the hottest DJs bring the beats and create an unforgettable atmosphere.

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