Lumpinee Pitaktham Championship Broadcast Live Every Tuesday on Channel 5 and TGN

Only Fight Co., Ltd., Thailand’s next-generation boxing promotion, has announced new broadcast agreements which will air live Lumpini Pitaktham Championship Muay Thai boxing on Thailand’s Channel 5 and on TGN (Thailand TV Global Network) which will broadcast fights to over 170 international territories.

Supit Pitaktham, Muay Thai promoter and founder of the Pitaktham Championship said: “Muay Thai’s international growth has been significant over the past few years. We’re now able to bring our events and fighters to more fight fans than ever. Our ambition is to make the sport more accessible than ever before and these significant broadcast partnerships help make that vision a reality.”

Thai TV Global Network (TGN) is a Thai satellite television channel. Тhai TV Global Network is the first and only satellite TV broadcasting center in Thailand. TGN, under the operation of the Royal Thai Army Radio and Television Channel 5, provides 24-hour-programs broadcasting to 170 countries on five continents. All facets of Thai life, culture, activities, information, news and entertainment are included in the programming for the channel.