New Sponsorship, Sonix Machine, Supports Lumpinee Pitaktham Championship

Only Fight Co., Ltd, Muay Thai promoter announced early in November that Thailand’s leading supplier of small excavators, Sonix Machine, has agreed to sponsor the Muay Thai Lumpinee Pitaktham Championship, an esteemed Muay Thai belt that Muay Thai boxers strive to win.

Sonix Machine’s marketing manager said: “Sonix Machine is professional like the Muay Thai fighters in the Lumpinee Pitaktham Championship. Our products are strong and powerful like these fighters too.”

“Acquiring highly technical excavators isn’t an easy task. At Sonix Machine, we can help you source the right equipment and mini excavators that best suits your needs. With reliability, professionalism and at a great price. We look forward to seeing our brand displayed in various spots inside the stadium as well as on air and online through the competitions various channels.”

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